BELL 407 YL-HHB 2001

Year: 2001 Bell 407
S/N: 53468
Delivery: Immediate
TTAF: 1591 TT

Good Records In English, No Damage History,
All AD’s & Mandatory Bulletins Current

Interior: 7-Place Corporate Interior, Tan Leather Seats & Carpet w/ Aft Seat Folding Armrest, Crew Seat Sheep Skin Covers

Exterior: Dark Blue and White with Gold Trim


• Dual Controls
• High Skid Gear w/ FliteSteps
• Particle Separator
• Air Conditioner w/ Dual Evaporators & Temperature Control
• Engine Fire Detection System
• Bleed Air Heater
• Wire Strike Protection System
• Auxiliary Fuel Tank (19 Gal)
• 5250 lbs Max Gross Weight Kit
• Preflight Kit - Step/Handles w/ Folding Maintenance Steps (R/L)
• Custom Corporate Soundproofing
• 28-Amp Heavy Duty Battery
• Floor Protectors - Cabin & Baggage
• Spacemaker - Baggage Extender
• Pneumatic Door Openers (5)
• Ground Wheels, Tie Downs, Inlet Plugs and Covers


• Flight Instrument Group (ADI, DG, IVSI, T&B)
• King Skyforce Skymap IIIC Moving Map GPS
• King KMA-24H Audio Panel w/ Intercom Isolate Select Switch
• King KX-165 NAV/COMM w/ KI-208 VOR Indicator
• King KY-196A COMM
• King KT-73 Mode S Digital Transponder w/ TIS Capabilities (Traffic Information System)
• King KR-87 ADF w/ KI-227 Indicator
• Davtron Digital Clock/OAT/Volts
• Kannad 406AF-H ELT w/ Remote Switch
• David Clark H10-36 Headsets (5)